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Персональная Фейсбук-статистика от Вольфрама Альфа

Движок знаний «Вольфрам Альфа» научился делать прекрасную инфографику по фейсбучной странице пользователя.

Самое интересное: сеть друзей. Очень любопытно рассматривать, как друзья группируются и какие между ними есть связи.

Попробовать самому:…/?i=facebook report

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Жизнь Стивена Вольфрама

Стивен собирает данные о своей жизни последние лет тридцать. Пару дней назад он их опубликовал.

Ниже описание одного из графиков.

Here’s a plot with a dot showing the time of each of the third of a million emails I’ve sent since 1989:

The first thing one sees from this plot is that, yes, I’ve been busy. And for more than 20 years, I’ve been sending emails throughout my waking day, albeit with a little dip around dinner time. The big gap each day comes from when I was asleep. And for the last decade, the plot shows I’ve been pretty consistent, going to sleep around 3am ET, and getting up around 11am (yes, I’m something of a night owl). (The stripe in summer 2009 is a trip to Europe.)

But what about the 1990s? Well, that was when I spent a decade as something of a hermit, working very hard on A New Kind of Science. And the plot makes it very clear why in the late 1990s when one of my children was asked for an example of “being nocturnal” they gave me. The rather dramatic discontinuity in 2002 is the moment when A New Kind of Science was finally finished, and I could start leading a different kind of life.…-personal-analytics-of-my-life

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